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2016 Fingerprint/Palm-print Hit of the Year

 2016 Palm/Fingerprint Case of The Year The fire department was called to an apartment building for a fire in an apartment. In the course of fire suppression they found a deceased person. Police were called to the scene, and detectives and the Forensic Science Unit also responded after it was suspected a homicide had occurred and the fire set in an attempt at a covering the crime. Crime Scene Technician McMahon processed the scene with other technicians. A fingerprint in blood was observed on a wall of the scene. CST McMahon recovered the fingerprint impression at the scene and returned to the department latent print unit. He entered the print into AFIS with positive results, and an identification was made. The identification was to a previously known subject. This subject confessed and was eventually convicted of the homicide and arson. The scene work prior to the latent print work was arduous. The summer day was hot and humid, which added to the heat in the apartment from the fire.  . Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.


Cold Case Hit

Cold Case Hit

2016 Facial Recognition case of the year

2016 Facial Recognition Case of The Year The Facial Recognition Program is fairly new to Arizona Department of Transportation. One month into the program FR found a likely match of an individual who had assumed another identity and obtained an ADOT MVD credentials. A case was generated sometime in April of 2015 and the investigation turned into a major multi – state agency and federal investigation. From the one FR hit, the investigation led detectives to a large money laundering scheme and identified several members of a Mexican drug cartel also using fraudulent identities. We’ve conducted five search warrants, with more to follow, and have made several arrests. We’ve seized 1200 pounds of drugs, automatic weapons and have seizure attorneys on board to assist with the seizure of high – dollar assets i.e. planes, residences, large sums of US currency and vehicles. Most of the cases we investigate as a result of facial recognition, have been fruitful in identifying and/ or apprehending suspects of, SSA benefit fraud, welfare, fugitives on the run from serious felonies to include homicide. David Lugo, Detective Sergeant